Can you explain 'mutation' in your language?

We, the iGEM IIT Madras team have started 'The Language Project' with the idea to make basic biotechnology concepts available to all. Knowledge about the research, applications, and findings in biotechnology is limited and not well known to a vast population. We aim to make the general public aware of basic ideas of genetics and synthetic biology and generate enthusiasm and interest towards this vast, fascinating field.

Since we live in a country of diversity where English is not the primary language for most, we are making the content available in different languages, namely Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, and English. We have collaborated with iGEM teams from other countries and content in French, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Bosnian, Malay and Mandarin has been made too! We plan to expand to other foreign languages as well!

Explore synthetic biology in your language to be fascinated and learn more!!!

English Hindi Tamil Marathi Kannada Telugu Malayalam Bengali Gujarati French (with iGEM Pasteur Paris) Spanish (with iGEM Tec-Monterrey) Catalan (with iGEM Warwick) Bosnian (with iGEM NYU Abu Dhabi) Malay (with iGEM Warwick) Mandarin (with iGEM NYU Abu Dhabi) Chinese (with iGEM Anhui University of Technology)